More hotel guests and a comprehensive service

It started with a brand new website for Hotel Sudety – pictures, video, SEO, texts in three languages, WordPress, coding. This stage was immediately followed by PPC campaigns, updating of information on booking servers – it did not take long for the hotel sales to grow.
And so we started working on strategies, creating and organizing hotel packages, dramaturgy and production of a cultural programme. We manage the mailing list, ensure publicity in local and national media, and take part in managing the coworking office on the 6th floor of the hotel. We also contribute our bit to an exposition on vanished towns and villages. A combination of profit and non-profit activities is what we really enjoy; therefore we are helping with fund-raising for cultural-historical events organized by the hotel. Just have a look at the website.

Northwest Bohemia is still an undiscovered tourist paradise. We have prepared packages for the Hotel Sudety.