PRO Social

PRO Social is a creative group. Professionals from various fields meet to create meaningful campaigns.

We shoot films about people and their stories, produce viral videos, design websites, create visual identity for companies, events and products and write texts and slogans. We also have the best photographer far and wide. We increase rating and sales through effective campaign management on Facebook and in Google AdWords and Sklik networks. And we also enjoy (and are good at) organizing corporate, cultural and social events.

In short, you can relax and hire us for an A to Z advertising campaign.

And why PRO Social? Because social, humane, natural. Frontal aggressive advertising is losing vigour. There is too much of it everywhere you look. Often, even a billboard on the main road can be a lost investment. What we believe in and enjoy is natural communication with customers and fans.

Therefore, we will suggest including some social or cultural event or an activity benefiting the public, a trip with your customers or a nice intervention in public space in your marketing mix.
The saying goes that advertising is a scented carcass. We are doing our best to counter this cliché – customers will always find quality communication behind advertising produced by us and, finally, your great product and organization.